Review of Generac 6024 pressure washer

Generac 6024 pressure washer is the latest addition to the series of which are powerful, effective and user friendly. This is a gas operated pressure washer, which can meet all your cleaning needs. Especially if you are someone who has a stable or a big backyard, then this pressure washer is a must have for you. This pressure washer has a water flow rate of 2.7 GPM at a pressure rate of 3100 PSI. This amazing specifications are made possible thanks to the 212 CC OHV gas engine, also the 30-foot hose gives reachability and maneuverability to the user to reach to the corners of the house and clean them. Thus whole house is cleaned and not just the easily reachable portions of it. This is an amazingly designed machine which will not only meet all your requirements and needs but also surprise you with all the features that it has and its quality. Also this pressure washer helps you to do your cleaning process fast and swift and also it helps you to use only lesser water to do the cleaning compared to the normal cleaning hose. Also the pressure that is dispensed by this pressure washer is 50 times that of a normal garden hose. Though the power and angles supported by this machine is off the charts, the noise level that accompanies the machine during its operation too is off the charts. For these reasons it is considered as one of the best gas pressure washer.

It is understandable that this is a gas powered machine and it will make more noise than the electric pressure washers. But the worst disadvantage of this machine is that it makes more noise than its peers which are also gas operated. The durability, power and the application of the device provides the user enough advantages that lure the user into buying this device. But the problem with the noise level restrains the user from using the device in nights and early morning hours. Thus you will be limited to use the device only during the office hours at home. Though this machine is heavy, it has enough mobility as it has wheels. The user manual is simple enough for even a school grade kid to understand and use. This machine has something which its counterparts lack. The customer support offered by Generac is best in this industry and they offer immediate assistance and service when a user requests for assistance. So if you are planning to get a pressure washer for yourself, which can help you keep your house clean and at the same time with a lesser amount of time and water than a normal garden hose based cleaning. The only disadvantage of this pressure washer is that it is non – CARB compliant and the price of this pressure washer is little on the expensive side. But it is totally worth the value of money and it will be a big asset not only to you but also to your friends and family. You can do your bit of research as well and you will not find anything that not said in this post.